ARC - Holly and Magnolia classes

Welcome to ARC - Holly Class and Magnolia Class 


Holly: Your teacher is Miss Stephenson. Your class email address is

Magnolia: Your teacher is Mrs Wakefield. Your class email address is:

The children are supported by Mrs Aiyeki, Ms Brindley, Mrs Golding, Ms Hussey & Ms Vamos


In English, we are developing our writing skills. We are thinking about the basics of a good sentence and how we can use our writing to share our thoughts and ideas. We will be looking at strategies for spelling and grammar to help us to improve the quality of the content of our written work; and handwriting practise to improve its presentation. Stories we will be reading in class are Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and just one Bear and The Koala who Could.

In Reading, we will continue to support the development of decoding and phonetic fluency through regular one to one reading with an adult. We will also use key texts in our English lessons to develop our comprehension skills by predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. 

In Maths, we will create a foundation for our work in numbers over the year by looking at place value to 100, comparing numbers and addition and subtraction to 20. We will look at, and work with numbers of increasing values, going up to 3 digit numbers. We will work on strategies for using column method and renaming to help us to calculate answers quickly and accurately. We will also be exploring length, mass, temperature and shape.

In Science we are learning about animals, including humans and what they need to survive. The children will be visiting Crystal Place Park Farm later on this half term to meet the different animals and learn from the farmer what they need to survive.

In Life Skills, we will be baking bread. The children will have the option of trying different types of bread, looking at how we plan making our own food and evaluate the food we make. This will help to enable the children to better understand the process and choices that go into the dishes that we create. We will be also looking at personal hygiene such as washing hands properly.


Children will have two reading books to take home. One book is their reading for pleasure book, selected by them and the other is a levelled reading book.

This book is given to support the children in their reading and understanding of what they have read. Books will be changed every Thursday.


Class PE Days
Holly Monday (Swimming) and Tuesday (PE)
Magnolia Monday (Swimming) and Monday (PE)


Your children will need to bring their PE kits into school to get changed into. We will return these kits to you at the end of each half term. If you would like them sooner (every week) please let us know. 

Swimming lessons will take place at Beckenham Spa on Mondays. Children will need to bring their swimming kit, towel, hairbrush/comb and optional bathing cap (all children with long hair must have their hair tied back).


Forest School

Forest School is on Fridays. Children will need to bring in a Forest School Kit bag to get changed into. Please make sure your Forest School kit bags are full of everything required. If for any reason you cannot acquire these items please let me know and we will do what we can to help find those items for you. 

Spare Clothing

Additionally, could you ALL please ensure that your children bring a spare change of clothes that can stay at school. The simplest error can cause a lot of discomfort to your children so we would like these stressful moments to be as comfortable for them as possible. The spare change of clothes does not have to be a whole new uniform but if it could be as close to the colours as possible it will make them feel more at ease as they will not stand out.

Communications between home and school

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on our class email address if you have any concerns or questions. If you need to speak briefly with us in person about anything, this can be done at drop off or collection times. If a longer meeting is required this can be scheduled.

Thank you for your support.

The ARC Holly and Magnolia team