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Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy 2023/24

Children at Churchfields behave well and we want to go even further in making school a positive environment for everyone. Following feedback from children, staff, parents and carers, we have reviewed and revised our approach to supporting children’s behavioural development and also our anti-bullying approach.

Our policy guides staff to teach children the self-discipline to make the right choices and aims to build a community which values kindness, care, good humour, good temper, belonging and empathy for others. We based much of the policy on two books:
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You can find the full policy on our school website policies and there is a quick summary below.

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Following the Golden Rules is expected from everyone

We expect ready, respectful and safe choices from all children and we recognise and praise their efforts to follow the golden rules.

We focus our time, energy and attention on appreciating the right choices, not looking for the wrong ones.



We celebrate going ‘above and beyond’

We recognise and reward learners who go ‘above and beyond’ our expected standards with:

-       Praise and attention (frequently)

-       Names on the recognition board (daily)

-       Note or sticker home so others can praise them (regularly)

-       Phonecall home (occasionally)

-       Celebration assembly (weekly)


We respond to and repair any negative behaviour

When children are not showing ready, respectful or safe behaviour, staff are ready to deliver consequences calmly and with care.

This may be a non-verbal ‘nudge’, a reminder, a warning, time to think or a change of space.

The swiftness and certainty of response is more effective than escalation of response.

For repeated, serious or extreme behaviours we work with parents/carers to help the child improve.

Want to find out how you could use this at home?

Have a look at which has links, information and support, including a parent/carer bookclub!