Online Safety

We have a duty to protect children and be aware of the risks that can arise when using the internet and online technologies.

We have a named online safety co-ordinator and an online safety policy, which is reviewed every year (including assessing new risks) and is available on our Policies Page. The policy sets out how we will address any issues or misuse.


  • Internet access in lessons is managed and monitored carefully and appropriately for the age of the pupils, with clear objectives.
  • Internet access is filtered, to block access to unsuitable content. ICT systems capacity and security are reviewed regularly.
  • Pupils are taught what internet use is acceptable and what is not. If they do come across any inappropriate content they are told to report this to staff.
  • Children are taught to be aware of online safety risks and laws involved with social network sites, gaming and the use of mobile phones – and are taught never to reveal personal details or arrange to meet anyone online.
  • Children are taught about online safety throughout the curriculum and through ‘Safer Internet Day’ activities. Online safety rules are displayed on posters in appropriate places in school and the children are reminded of the rules throughout the year.

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  • If children have mobile phones, they are required to hand them in to the teacher at the start of the day. We are careful not to publish pictures or names of children without consent.
  • Please refer to our Data Protection Policy to understand how we use information about parents, carers and children.
  • Staff and volunteers are given clear guidelines about their use of the internet: please see our Acceptable Use of ICT Policy.